What Am I Working On?

October 2018 Update

Saturday, October 13th, I joined four local Louisiana authors at the Slidell branch of the St. Tammany Parish Library for a Local Author Symposium. We read selections from our books and answered questions about writing and publishing. I read the second chapter from Jesse Sings.

October 14, I sent off material to my book cover designer because I am close to publishing the second book of Jesse Hall’s World. It is largely set in Xenia, Ohio, my home town and showcases the Greene County Court House Clock Tower.

Greene County Ohio Courthouse

In The Clock Tower Treasure, Jesse moves to his new home, joins the Boy Scouts, searches for Indian treasure, gets his first bicycle and encounters bizarre night creatures. Eugene and Lynn remain characters for the first half of the book.

For the Great Generation and Baby Boomers, there is plenty of nostalgia. For the younger folks there is plenty of action to keep you interested.

Some of you will have fun trying to figure out if any of my characters might be someone you know. A couple characters from my first book showed up at my Book signing last Spring at Blue Jacket Books. Of course, it’s all fiction, folks.

Jesse is challenged again and again but survives each dilemma in time to discover The Clock Tower Treasure.