Jesse’s Hope

Title: Jesse's Hope
Series: Search for Family #2
Release Date: October 20, 2022
Pages: 317
ISBN13: 978-0999564042
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It’s 1955 in small-town Ohio, where kids play Cowboys and Indians, ash trays sit on every kitchen table, and ten-year-old Jesse Hall dreams of buying a Schwinn Corvette bicycle. Only problem is, he uses his hard-earned money to help his mom. His days are spent delivering the newspaper and babysitting his baby sister, making her fried bologna sandwiches while his mom hems trousers for income. The struggling family is rescued by a marriage of convenience, but for how long?

At his new home his life takes an unexpected turn when at Little League practice his grip falters on the bat and his life is completely changed. From the hospital storyteller, he learns about the legend of the Shawnee Indian treasure buried at the edge of his new town. He has plenty of time for it to consume his hopes and the chase begins.

Is it gold? Silver? Or just a pile of Indian relics. Discover with Jesse, this unexpected treasure in the second book of the Searching for Family Series.

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