Florence’s Journey: Proving Something

Title: Florence's Journey: Proving Something
Release Date: March 15, 2023
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Nine-year-old Florence Williams’ parents are sitting behind bars for a crime they do not remember committing. When they are sentenced to prison, she is left with nowhere to belong.

For four years after their arrest, Florence moves from house to house, getting shelter but missing a loving home. Her grandparents don’t want her. She even runs away to find her aunt, but she is found and returned to the Children’s Protective system.

Finally, her Aunt Audrey is old enough to take her in and Florence, now thirteen, joins a special group of kids who call themselves The Wesley Club; full of boys and girls, each with their own unique ability. Soon The Wesley Club joins in her mission to exonerate her mom and dad.

Are her parents innocent after all? What will the Wesley Club find out about Florence’s parents and the evidence that put them in prison? Dive into the first adventure of The Wesley Club, where the kids are brave, smart, and work hard to protect one another.

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