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The Clock Tower Treasure – Available online and in bookstores.

The 1950’s was a time of new homes, television, astronauts, new cars, and rock and roll. It was also a time of nuclear threats and deadly polio. Out of this challenging decade comes the enchanting story of a ten-year-old boy from the Midwest showing a small town the meaning of toughness and tenacity.

The Shawnee Indian treasure was a myth, they said. Nowhere to be found, except in the legends and tall tales of the region. Despite his polio, despite his poverty, despite his fractured family, Jesse Hall believes the stories and discovers irresistible clues in the courthouse clock tower.

With each twist and turn, Jesse learns to overcome all that life can throw at him. He leads his Boy Scout pal, his nineteen-year-old nurse, and the local county historian in a quest for the mythical treasure – a hunt that yields a most unexpected discovery.

Jesse Sings
Eight-year old Jesse Hall and his pregnant mother move to the “Eden of America,” a small rural town in Ohio, to escape an abusive father addicted to gambling and alcohol.

There, Jesse is bullied by the most popular school kid, denied a church experience by a self-righteous preacher, and threatened with foster care by a well-meaning social worker. 

Can Jesse fulfill his dream of a normal family with his own parents and brothers and sisters? See a childhood romance grow with Lynn, a fatherless eight-year old girl Watch what he learns from the lovely Five and Dime clerk. How does this all relate to a mummified corpse? Read and you will find out.