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Victor Hess

Amazon Review

“I just received this book from Victor Hess and so excited to read it. Such an awe inspiring book and story of young kids with questions of life and growing up. I could not stop until I finished to know this family was saved by the Grace of God. Thank you to this author.” – Kathi D.

Amazon Review

“This book was a Great read! Set in the 50s when times were more simple, we find out through Jesse’s young eyes and thoughts that nothing is ever simple especially for a young mom on her own with 1 child and another on the way! I’m super excited to read the rest of the series.” – Lil Sis 7

Amazon Review

“Written as his world was thru the eyes of a poor boy in a poor, dysfunctional family. Jesse is keenly observant, looking for goodness and knowledge of God and those around him. The author writes about a fellow known as Eugene and housed in a funeral home in Sabina. The book is, of course fiction, but I did see Eugene, and wrote my name in that ledger.” – Kindle Customer

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